Our hot knife is excellent to cut and seal the edges of synthetic materials,such as foam polystyrene, fabric,cloth,rope,webbing belt,sails,plastics and many other materials to prevent fraying&unraveling through using heated blades,hot wires.

Electric hot knife

Voltage: 110-130V/60HZ & 220-240V/50HZ
Adjust temperature according to your demand and improve efficiency
Blade is NI-GE steel, stable and high temperature
Accessories: Allen key/Brush/Plastic Box
Optional Parts: Groove kit / Guider / Flat Blades

Item: HS-10 hot knife Power: 100W
Fitting Flat Blades: 2" & Special blades
Item: HS-15 hot knife Power: 150W
Fitting Flat Blades: 4" & 6" & 300mm folding blades with groove kit
Item: HS-20 hot knife Power: 200W
Fitting Flat Blades: 6" & 8" & 300mm folding blades with groove kit
Item: HS-25 hot knife Power: 250W
Fiiting Flat Blades: 10" blade

styrofoam cutter
electric hot knife
heat cutter
polystyrene cutter
hot knife foam cutter
electric hot knife9

hot knife rope cutter
hot knife cutter
hot knife fabric cutter
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hot knife 2
hot rope cutter

Hot wire foam cutter

-- Voltage: 110-240V/50-60HZ
-- Item: HT-11 With 600*400mm
-- Item: HT-21 With 800*400mm
-- Extra wire could be available and replaced/
-- Power can be adjustable
--Cutting angle freely to change
-- Screwdriver to install and remove wire from the unit

hot wire foam cutter
hot wire styrofoam cutter1

Cutting styrofoam polystyrene

Mount bench hot knife

-- Voltage: 110-130V/60HZ & 220-240V/50HZ
-- Cutting&sealing synthetic ropes/webbing
/cords/plastic tube etc.
-- SAA/VDE/UL/UK power cords can be available
-- Item: HZ-11 with 50mm blade
-- Power: 45W & Blade temperature: 0 - 1100º F
-- Continuous operation
-- Item: HZ-21 with 50mm blade

-- Power: 60W & Blade temperature: 0 - 1300º F
-- Power can be adjusted freely

mount bench rope cutter
mount bench rope cutter2


Voltage: 110-130V/60HZ & 220-240V/50HZ
Item: HT-81 styrofoam cutter
Safety transformer 36 V / 220 W
Size: L1650*W380*H120mm(Folded) / Effective Cut Size: L1370mm
For cutting insulation made of polystyrene
For exact dimension-accurate cuts whether straight or at an angle of
0-90 ° degrees
Package: Carton ( Anti-Impact is ok.)
One year warranty & CE certification vertified

Hot wire foam cutting machine

Voltage: 110-120V/60HZ & 220-240V/50HZ
Item: HT-31 styrocut
Power: 160W operation
Hotwire: 600mm effective cut with 2m wire in stock from the unit
Product Size: 1,200*800mm
Extra wire could be available and replaced.
With adjustable temperature, heat up to approximately 980 degrees Fahrenheit under one minute.
This foam cutter cut foam,sponge and also cut round shape.With the regulator, the support could adjust 360 degree to let foam easily to cut. Work consistently.
Brush to clean the hot wire.
Screwdriver to install and remove wire from the unit.

hot wire foam cutting machinepng
hot wire styrofoam cutting

Cut EPS foam